The gallery publish a monography Benoît Hermans Objets troublants, Objets troublés
texts: Rudi Fuchs and Benoît Hermans
Price: € 24,50
With the support of:
SNS Reaalfoundation and Prins Bernard Culture foundation

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About the catalogus:

‘What happens if you repair a hole in a wall with the aid of a face: And what if you first painted a famous composer’s head on burlap, then wounded it and then plugged up the hole with the aid of a Vermeer?’ Benoît Hermans’ works are created from a continual interaction between iconoclastic violence and highly imaginative repairs. In spite of multiplication and the occasional hybridization of the storylines that result from this, freedom of the imagination and the gaze always remain the starting point.

This first monograph on Hermans gives an extensive survey of his oeuvre with 95 works in colour and two texts in which the process of creation and the force of the images are handled in more depth. With Ovid’s theme ‘disguise, shifting, metamorphosis’ as guide, Rudi Fuchs looks for the artistic element of his strange, inimitable gambolling poetry. In ‘Mind the Gap’ Hermans himself writes of the fascinations which form the basis of his unique language of imagery by evocating the genesis of one of his earliest works. When leafing through this monograph you will literally be swept along by the continual novelty and infectious directness of these images.